Sponser A Meal

With food and grocery expenses skyrocketing, it is a challenge for us to provide nutritious, healthy meals every day to 25 energetic children. A satisfied, happy stomach will bless you from the heart. You can offer to sponsor breakfast, lunch or dinner a day based on your preference. A day has 365 days. Our goal is to find one person each day to sponsor meals and this will ensure our kids will stay satisfied and nurtured all through the year.

  • Break Fast : INR 1000
  • Vegetarian Meals : INR 2500
  • Non-Vegetarian Meals : INR 3500
  • Full Day Meals : INR 6500

SPONSOR A MEAL Donation Amount : 6,500/- per day

9 Types of Menu Veg-Food: Fried Rice, 2 Vegetarian Curries, Sambar, Perugu, Sweet, Papad, Banana, Biscuits.

Non-Veg : Fried Rice, Chicken Curry, One Veg Curry, Sambar, Perugu, Sweet, Papad, Banana, Biscuits.

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